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- Drag&Drop of Web page extracts
- Preview a Web book anytime
- Ad free version (if registered)

KeeBook Creator Home
Software for a personalized Internet

Save the Web worthiest pages.
Collect, organize and comment documents, images, illustrations and all your preferred Web pages.
Send your best books to friends and family via e-mail.
Publish your most beautiful books on a Web site.

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KeeBook Creator Home
in Bookstand mode

Gather all kinds of Web and personal documents in a KeeBook

Insert Web pages, and view them offline
Drag and drop desktop documents: images, sounds, multimedia, texts, spreadsheets, etc.

Organize the pages into chapters and sub-chapters in just seconds

Store KeeBooks in your personal library. Organize your KeeBooks in your bookcases and bookshelves

Enhance the pages

Insert sticky notes with your comments or captions. Highlight important sentences or paragraphs
Find relevant information quickly using the search page

Save and send your KeeBooks via e-mail. KeeBooks can be viewed in Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator on PC or Macintosh

Publish the KeeBooks on your Web site
Print the KeeBooks

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