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2.7.5 version enhancements and bugs fix:

Simplified registration system: the new registration system allows KeeBook Creator to be uninstalled, reinstalled and registered on different computers by using the same registration information. An internet connection is required.
Enhanced internet publication: KeeBook Creator embeds components for a faster internet publication and an enhanced publication compatibility with Windows XP and later. Also the KeeBook (Web book) engine has been optimised to be more compatible with several Web space providers and their specific multi-frame publication.
Popup Window support: KeeBook Creator has now the ability to inactivate popup Windows that may be linked to a Web page. The popup windows display is simply disabled.
Better multimedia support: multimedia documents are now better supported by Web-exe books (Pro edition only).
Bugs fixed:
- Better compatibility with Windows ME (Web book creation problems fixed)
- Copyright updated.

KeeBook Creator FAQ

General Information About KeeBook Creator
Download, Installation & Registration
Handling And Printing Book Contents
Managing The Library
Previewing, Sending And Publishing Books
Browsing The Web

General Information About KeeBook Creator
1- General information
In order to install and use KeeBook Creator, you need:
  • Windows 98 or later
  • Internet Explorer 5 or later
  • An internet connection – required to register

The KeeBook Creator 2.7.6 versions downloadable online offer you the best compatibility with Windows XP and later. View instructions for setup onWindows Vista and later.
You can test it for free by DOWNLOADING the version you need.

The Office 2007 documents type .xlsx and .docx are not supported by this 2.7 version of KeeBook Creator. In order to be dragged and dropped in KeeBook Creator, the documents have to be saved using .xls or .doc type. To do so : choose "File/register under/Type of file/97-2003 file or 97-2003 document".

KeeBook Creator (all editions) is bundled with two default languages: English and French. Spanish, Italian and German versions are not available anymore.

KeeBook Creator is developed only for PC/Windows based computers. It doesn’t work on Macintosh or Linux computers. However, KeeBooks (Web books) created with KeeBook Creator are viewable on all platforms.

KeeBook Creator is not a client/server software. It is a stand-alone application and it must be installed on each computer on a network in order to be used by several users simultaneously. Besides that KeeBook Creator creates a separate library for each user depending on his Windows profile (login/password) on a one computer.

To start with KeeBook Creator and to learn about its main functionalities, it is strongly recommended to read the tutorial. To do so, go to Help > Tutorial and follow the instructions. KeeBook Creator is not shipped with any paper manual. Help files are available in electronic format in the application.

2- Where are the KeeBook Creator cache and library stored?
Your personal library information (i.e. database & cache) and documents are stored in the KeeBook Creator installation directory:
C:\Program Files\KeeBook Creator\Users\User_Name
If several users are configured on your computer, each user will have his/her own library. There is a different User_Name folder for each user on your computer.

3 - I do not have a Pentium III 500MHz, will KeeBook Creator work properly?
For an optimized KeeBook Creator experience, your computer processor should be at least a Pentium III 500MHz. Yet, you can install and use KeeBook Creator on a computer with a less powerful processor.

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Download, Installation & Registration

KeeBook Creator is simply downloadable from the Download page.

Unlocking security in Windows Vista and later: For all those who are blocked with KeeBook Creator software under Windows Vista and later, we suggest you to try the following as it seems that this problem comes from "administrator" permissions blocked by default by Windows Vista on your computer.
To verify that the permissions of the KeeBook Creator library file are good, try accessing this file on your computer:
On your Local Disk (C: or other) / Programs / Keeboo / Users / "your user name" / Application Data / Databases /
If at any time, one of the folders doesn't open because of restricted access, this should be corrected by according these rights, ie "allow = yes..".
Note that this problem is related to Windows Vista and later and not KeeBook Creator software, therefore we invite you to contact your administrator, your installer or your computer vendor if you do not manage to correct the problem and not the KeeBoo company.
(unless you need to reactivate your license for this correction).

In order to install KeeBook Creator, just launch the installation programme. Then follow the instructions displayed.

You can purchase the KeeBook Creator license anytime in order to benefit from all software possibilities. To do so, launch KeeBook Creator and click on ‘Register’ in the first window. Then follow the instructions displayed.

1- I can’t register KeeBook Creator by using the registration information I received. What should I do?
Once you purchased the license, you receive via e-mail the registration information for your software. To register your copy, make sure you enter the information in the proper fields exactly as they appear on the message sent to you.

If the following window appears: « Invalid Key », please refer to the paragraph below

  • Make sure you are trying to register the KeeBook Creator edition (Home, Education, Pro) for which you purchased the license and received the registration information.
  • Make sure you clearly distinguish capital letters from numbers. Some characters (0, O, 1, I) are easily mixed up.
  • Enter the key by copy&paste (keyboard shortcut only). To do so, select the whole key (20 digits) and copy it to the clipboard ('ctrl'+'C'). Then place the cursor in the first key field and paste it ('ctrl'+'V'). Make sure no space is added at the beginning or the end of the 20 digits key.
If the following window appears: «Registration key is valid but your credit to register has expired», contact KeeBoo via the Support form available on the KeeBoo Web site and ask for a refill.

2- I own an old version of KeeBook Creator and I can’t register it. Why?
Registering previous Keebook Creator version (prior 2.6) is not possible anymore due to some major upgrade of the KeeBoo servers. Moreover they are not compatible with the latest versions of Windows and Internet Explorer. You must download the latest version available on the Keeboo Web site. All Keebook Creator editions include a free trial period.

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1- Highlights are not printed. What can I do?
To print highlights on your documents, you must select the option "Print background colors and images" in Internet Explorer.

  • Internet Explorer 5 to 6: Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Printing Print background colors and images
2- I can't modify the color of a note after having added it. Why?
This feature is not implemented yet. However, you can choose the color of a note before adding it. Place your cursor over the Note icon in the palette, and click right. Choose the note color in the menu that appears.

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Handling And Printing Book Contents
1- I can't insert some office documents in a KeeBook, why?
Office documents need to be converted to HTML to be displayed into KeeBook Creator. The latest version of KeeBook Creator uses Microsoft office applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint...) to convert office documents to HTML.
So you must have Microsoft Office (97 or later) installed to display office documents in KeeBook Creator. By using the MS Office HTML conversion capabilities, a document layout in KeeBook Creator is much more similar to the original. Also, other formats are supported: PowerPoint, TIFF, WMF, EPS, etc.

2- I inserted a document from my hard drive into KeeBook Creator. Until now, it was properly displayed. But now I can't see it anymore and KeeBook Creator indicates that it has been deleted, renamed or moved. Why?
This comes from the KeeBook Creator "caching" system behavior. A cache is an area of the computer's hard drive where downloaded files are stored temporarily. The KeeBook Creator cache stores copies of the documents inserted in the books. In fact, it is a folder found in the KeeBook Creator installation directory at the following default location: C:\Program Files\KeeBoo\Users\User_Name\Application Data\Cache <br>The KeeBook Creator cache behavior depends on the original location of the inserted documents (whether they come from the Web or from your hard drive) and on their type (images, html, Office or multimedia documents). Here is a complete description of the KeeBook Creator cache behavior:

  • Web pages: a Web page inserted and displayed in KeeBook Creator is copied to the cache folder along with its graphical and multimedia elements (images, animations, sounds).

  • Images or documents directly viewable in KeeBook Creator (Gif, Jpeg and Png images, HTML documents): These documents are not copied to the cache folder. Therefore, once inserted into a book, they should not be deleted or moved from their original location. If you do delete or remove them, they will not be displayed in KeeBook Creator anymore.

  • Images or documents viewable after they were converted using Office 97/2000/XP (example: Tiff or Bmp images, Office documents): the converted documents are copied to the cache folder. The original documents are not modified and remain at their original location; when they are moved or deleted, they still appear in the books.
Note: all documents remain in the KeeBook Creator cache as long as you keep them in a book (whether it is a regular library book or the Utilities Book - which contains the trash can). Documents are definitely removed from the cache when no page referencing them is left in a library book, and when all these pages have been deleted from the KeeBook Creator trash can. Therefore, you need to empty the trash can to remove those documents from the KeeBook Creator cache and to free hard disk space.
KeeBook Creator optimizes the loading of Web pages by looking if they are already stored in the Internet Explorer cache folder. If this is the case, the files are used to display the page in KeeBook Creator and copied into the KeeBook Creator cache folder.

3- Document layout is distorted in KeeBook Creator. Why?
There may be two reasons:
- You activated the fit-to-page feature in the Preference Book. KeeBook Creator resizes the documents dynamically. During this operation, the layout of your documents may be somewhat modified.
- The documents you view are not Internet documents (i.e. Web pages). To display these documents, KeeBook Creator converts them to HTML format. The layout of your documents may change during the conversion operation.
Note: the original copy of your files will not be distorted by KeeBook Creator during fit-to-page or HTML conversion operations.

4- Background images in Web pages are not displayed. Why?
If you activated the fit-to-page feature in the Preference Book, background images of Internet documents will be erased to allow documents to be resized correctly. To display background images in Web pages, disable the fit-to-page feature from the Preference Book.

5- Can I insert Adobe PDF files in a KeeBook?
KeeBook Creator Education and Pro support the Adobe PDF format via the Acrobat plug-in in a browser – a PDF document is not converted into HTML. The Home edition doesn’t support PDF.

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Managing The Library
1- How can I backup my whole library?
Two options: you can either export the books you want to backup, or make a backup copy of the KeeBook Creator database file.

To export books that you want to backup:

  • Switch to Library mode.
  • Select all books you want to backup using the CTRL key.
  • Select File > Export Book.
  • In the wizard, choose the "KeeBoo Book" and "Full Book" options.
  • Select the destination folder and enter the name of the exported file.
  • Click Finish. Please note that this operation may be very lengthy.

To make a backup copy of your KeeBook Creator database: Using Windows Explorer, for example, locate the Databases folder. The default location for this folder is the following: C:\Program Files\KeeBook Creator\Users\User_Name\Application Data. (If you cannot find it, please refer to the following section: « Where are the KeeBook Creator cache and library? ») Copy this folder (and its contents) by pressing CTRL+C at once. Paste it into the folder you want. Should you have any problems with your library, all you'll need to do is replace the Databases folder with this backup copy.

2- Can I add more bookshelves or bookcases to my library?
The current version of KeeBook Creator includes 3 bookcases with 5 bookshelves each. You cannot add any other bookcase or bookshelf.

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Previewing, Sending And Publishing Books

1- I can’t preview my book. Why?
When you’re trying to preview a book (Communicate menu > Preview) the preview fails. Make sure you have installed the latest KeeBook Creator (2.7.5) version available on the KeeBoo Web site. Note: this problem was encountered erratically with Windows ME and KeeBook Creator 2.7.

2- I can’t manage to successfully send a KeeBook via e-mail. What should I do?

  • When using the Send book function in KeeBook Creator (Communicate > Send book) make sure you default e-mail application is MAPI compatible and that this option is selected.
  • Once the book was created, make sure that it is your default and usual e-mail application that launches. In order to set the default e-mail application follow these instructions:

    • Go to Start > Parameters > Configuration panels
    • Open Internet Options
    • In the open window select the Programs tab; in the ‘Mail’ field select your application.
    • Click OK.

If you still can‘t send a book by using the Send Book function, here is a workaround:

  • Export the book by using the Export feature (File > Export) and save it on your computer hard drive.
  • Create a new e-mail with the mailer application.
  • use the attachment function to attach the KeeBook previously exported to your e-mail.

3- I want to send a book but I only use a Web mailer. How should I proceed?

  • Export the book by using the Export feature (File > Export) and save it on your computer hard drive.
  • Create a new e-mail with the Web mailer application.
  • Use the attachment function to attach the KeeBook previously exported to your e-mail online.
Note: most of e-mail applications have options to automatically remove potentially unsafe attachments (virus).When you’re sending a book via e-mail, make sure the recipient is able to receive attachments and choose the Web book .zip format during the export step.

4- I do not have a Web site. How can I get free Web space to publish a book?
Numerous companies can provide you with free Web space: NBCi, Geocities, FreeWebSites, etc. These companies can be communities (e.g. Geocities, NBCi) or ISPs, i.e. Internet Service Providers. If you wish to join a community, simply browse its site and sign up for a free personal homepage. When signing in, you will be asked to enter a login (also called ID, account name or user name) and a password that you will then use to create your site. You will need your login and password when publishing a book using KeeBook Creator. If you want to use the Web space provided by your ISP, check the login and password provided by your ISP for homepage creation. This login and password may be different from those you use to connect to the Internet.
To help you publish books more easily, we compiled information about publishing on a number of sites.

Provider name CrossWinds (community)
Provider's address
Upload address
Personal homepage address

Provider name NBCi
Provider's address
Upload address
Personal homepage address

Provider name FreeWebSites
Provider's address
Upload address
Personal homepage address

5- I can’t manage to publish a book successfully. What should I do?
Check the following possibilities:

  • If the following window is displayed « A Microsoft API is missing in the Microsoft Publication Wizard » when you’re trying to publish a book with the KeeBook Creator publishing feature (Communicate > Publish Book), you must download and install the latest KeeBook Creator version; during the KeeBook Creator installation an option is available to install the MS Publishing Wizard components used by KeeBook Creator.
  • Check that the information you’re using to publish a book is valid: login, password, publishing address. (For more information, refer to the following section: "I do not have a Web site. How can I get free Web space to publish a book?").
  • The site to which you are trying to publish may be experiencing some problems. Try publishing again a few hours later. The problems may be solved by then.
  • You have reached the maximum server space limit authorized by your Web space provider. Use a FTP client (such as Cute FTP or Leap FTP) and delete unnecessary items on your Web site.

If the publication is still unsuccessful, here is a workaround:

  • Export the book as a web KeeBook and save it on your hard drive.
  • Launch the KeeBook (.zip or .exe file –not possible with the KeeBook Creator Pro edition).
  • upload the generated folder on the web server by using an FTP application (such as CuteFTP or LeapFTP). Parameters required are identical to those used by the KeeBook Creator publication wizard.
  • The KeeBook url is usually as following: where the folder "bookTitle" is the previously generated folder.
6- I have successfully published a book but I can’t view it on the Web. Why?
Some Web space providers use some technology that may interfere with the Web KeeBook code. Make sure you downloaded and install the latest KeeBook Creator version to insure a greater compatibility with you current Web space provider.

7- I published a new book on my Web site and I cannot read the previous one anymore. Why?
You can specify a subfolder for publishing your book. This may be useful if you intend to publish several books to your Web site. Choose the title of the book for the name of the subfolder. The book's url is made of your main Web site address followed by the name of the subfolder.
If you don't specify a subfolder, the book is published in the main directory of your Web site. Any previously published book will be overwritten.

8- I have modified a book in KeeBook Creator and I want to update it on my Web site now. How should I proceed?
If you have modified a book in Keebook Creator, it is not modified on your Web site until you update it – if it has been published already. KeeBook Creator doesn’t offer a feature to update partially a Web book. Therefore, you must re-publish the whole book to update it. Make sure you’re using the same sub-folder name during the publication.

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Browsing The Web

1- Which multimedia components does KeeBook Creator support?
KeeBook Creator now supports a greater variety of multimedia documents. MPG, MP3, WAV, MID, AVI, Quicktime and QuickTime VR are now supported. Please note that MPG, MP3 and AVI files cannot be properly displayed in Web books viewed using Netscape Navigator. KeeBook Creator supports MP3 files if Windows Media Player is installed on your system and is set as the default player for MP3 files.
To set the Windows Media Player as your default MP3 player, please follow these instructions:

  • Open the folder named C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player.
  • Run the file named mplayer32.exe.
  • Select View > Options.
  • Click the Formats tab.
  • Check the MP3 format.
  • Click OK and close the Windows Media Player window.
  • Close KeeBook Creator, and launch it again.
  • Reload the pages from within KeeBook Creator.
You can download the latest version of the Windows Media Player for free from the Microsoft Web site:
KeeBook Creator supports QuickTime files if QuickTime Player is installed on your system. You can download it for free from the Apple Web site:

2- Reloading my page makes it disappear. Why?
If you try to reload a Web page while you are working offline, KeeBook Creator will insert an "error page" instead of the page you requested. Indeed, KeeBook Creator cannot insert Web pages in a book while in offline mode.
To workaround this problem, either:
  • Do not click the Reload icon (on the page toolbar) when you are working offline.
  • Switch to online mode (View menu > Work Online), connect to the Internet, and reload the page.
3- How can I know the URL address of the page I'm viewing?
KeeBook Creator lets you easily display the URL address of the page you are currently viewing. From the View menu, just select Current Internet Address.

4- I cannot drag&drop a web page from AOL to KeeBook Creator. What can I do?
KeeBook Creator currently does not support the drag&drop of Web pages from AOL.
To workaround this problem:
  • From AOL, copy the URL of your web page.
  • From KeeBook Creator, select File > Go To Web page.
  • Copy the URL in the dialog box and click OK.

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