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Purchase procedure for KeeBook Creator

Purchase Methods
Online Purchase
Via the KeeBook Creator Software
Via the KeeBoo Web Site
Offline Purchase
General Information

Purchase Methods

There are two distinct methods to purchase the license for the KeeBook Creator software: “Online” – via the internet – and “Offline” – by using a Purchase Order.

Online Purchase
The software license can be purchased:

Via the KeeBoo Web site, in the 'Shop' section,
Via the KeeBook Creator software, after you downloaded and installed it, by clicking ‘Register’ in the wizard displayed at first launch.

By choosing the Online purchase you can:
Purchase one or several licenses of the software – the number depends on the software edition,
order one backup CD-Rom,
Pay by credit card or check.

The Online method allows you to immediately receive via e-mail the registration information to unlock the software.
The Online purchase is secured by the french bank Société Générale system named Sogenactif.

Offline purchase
The software license can also be purchased by using a Purchase Order. A KeeBoo purchase order is downloadable from the KeeBoo Web site in the 'Download' section. It should be filled and sent back to KeeBoo via regular mail or fax.

By choosing the offline (Purchase Order) method you can:
Purchase an unlimited number of licenses,
order one or several backup CD-Roms,
pay by:
credit card,
bank transfer (payment upon reception of an invoice).

Note: before purchasing with the PO, we recommend you to ask for a quote. This can be done by contacting the KeeBoo team using the Contact Form.

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Online Purchase

1. Via the KeeBook Creator software

Please follow the steps below to purchase online one or several licenses for your KeeBook Creator software if you have downloaded it prior to purchasing.

Download the installer of the software from the KeeBoo Web site Once the installer is stored on your hard drive, install the software on your computer.

Preliminary step
When launching the application, the following wizard is displayed.
Note: if the trial period is still on, click 'Register' on the first wizard displayed.
To start the registration process click 'Ask for a Key'.

Note: you must be connected to the internet to continue your purchase.

Step #1: Product
The following wizard appears now:

During this step you may select:
1. your country
2. a currency for your purchase
3. the payment mode
4. the number of licences to purchase
5. whether you need or not one backup CD-Rom.

- If the purchase is done from a European country VAT is not added only if you can provide an international VAT number.
- For all other countries no VAT is added.
- If you’re purchasing from France, VAT is automatically added (19.6%).

To continue, click 'Continue your purchase'.

Step #2: Login

If you are a registered user, you may login by using a Client ID and a password – this information has been sent via e-mail during your first purchase of a KeeBoo product. Consequently the personal information form will be filled automatically

If you are a new client, please select 'New client'.

To continue, click 'Continue your purchase'.

Step #3: Personal Information
Fill the form below by entering your personal information.
Mandatory fields are indicated by an asterisk (*).
Select a payment mode: by credit card or by check.
Make sure you enter a VALID e-mail address as the information to register your copy will be sent to this address.
Please enter also a password in order to access your personal information on the KeeBoo Web site.

Once the form is filled, click 'Continue your purchase'.

Step #4: Validation and payment by credit card
The following screen shows a recap of your order.

You may correct some information by clicking on 'Click here'.

To continue your purchase, click on the credit card logo used to proceed to the payment. You are now leaving the KeeBoo Web site and you are arriving on the secured Sogenactif Web site from the Société Générale french bank.

Step #5: Payment
Enter your credit card number and the expiry date. The security of your credit card information is assured as the message is locked using SSL technology.
All data regarding your credit card is completely encoded. A padlock at the bottom of the page confirms that the page you are on is completely secure.

Once the form is filled, click 'Submit'. At this moment, the purchase is completed.

Once the transaction is accepted, KeeBoo sends you an e-mail containing the information required to unlock your copy of the software:

Client ID / Login
Unlock key

Note: keep this information safe, it will be required if you need to re-install the software later.

Step #6: Registration
Once you received the e-mail (see above) in your mailbox, please display the window showing the KeeBook Creator registration Wizard (see Step 1) and click 'Next step'. The screen below appears:

Fill the form using the information exactly how they appear in the e-mail received. (Please see the example above).
Enter the key in capital letters

Once the wizard is filled properly, click the 'Register Software' button. Your KeeBook Creator copy is now registered and the software launches.

Payment by check

During Step #1 (see above), you may choose to pay the license by check.
During step #4 the following screen is displayed and shows a recap of your order

To validate your purchase, please print the page and fill the form.
Then send the form via regular mail along with a check payable to KeeBoo

KeeBoo postal address:
Parc Les Algorithmes, bâtiment Aristote
91190 Saint-Aubin

Once your order is received, KeeBoo will send you the information to register the software via e-mail (see Step #5/6).

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2. Via the KeeBoo Web site

On the KeeBoo Web site in the 'Shop' section, you can purchase licenses for all KeeBoo products. By choosing to purchase on the KeeBoo Web site, you may purchase one or several KeeBook Creator licenses even without having downloaded the product.

The following screen shows the 'shop' section where you can select the software for which you want to purchase a license.

Once you chose the software to purchase, the procedure is identical to the procedure 'Via the KeeBoo software'. Please refer to the steps above (from step#1) to figure out the purchase procedure.

Note: : once the purchase is complete, the software should be either downloaded from the KeeBoo Web site ('Download' section) or installed from the backup CD-Rom – if ordered.

Offline purchase via Purchase order

KeeBoo makes available a standard Purchase Order (see below). You can download it from the KeeBoo Web site in the 'Download' section. A purchase order should be used in the following cases:

You want to order via regular mail or by Fax (not via the internet).
You need to send your own Purchase Order (School, Company etc…) to place the order.

  Note: before purchasing with the PO, we recommend you to ask for a quote. This can be done by contacting the KeeBoo team using the Contact Form.

Using a PO, you can pay by using the following payment methods:
By credit card by sending your credit card information.
By check.
By bank transfer.

For volume purchase, please refer to the 'Volume Purchase' section or contact KeeBoo via the Contact form.

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General information

When completing your order, you can request a back-up CD-Rom. It will enable you to re-install the software should you lose the data on your PC.
Ordering a back-up CD-Rom will cost you about 13 euros.

If you ordered a back-up CDRom, the following delivery times apply:


Type of delivery

Price in Euros

Average delivery time


Regular mail

2 to 6€

72 hours

Other countries

Regular mail

 6 to 41€

3 to 6 days

License Agreements
Detailed license agreements for KeeBook Creator are available here.

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